September 8, 2018

Another cooking day with Victoria! Victoria is the chef that’s granting my wish from Make-A-Wish. Today we made green onion pancake, steamed broccoli, and a pasta salad.

The green onion pancake is a recipe my grandma knows. Since we didn’t use any yeast, the green onion pancake wasn’t easy to make. We made a dough with flour and water, and mixed green onion and salt in the dough. We rolled the pancake in circles, then fried them.

For the steamed broccoli, we put a small amount of water in a pot and added the brocoli. The evaporated water softens the broccoli. After the broccoli was steamed, we mixed it with grapes, bell pepper, pine nuts, and red onions.

Victoria chopped green olives in half while the egg noodles were boiling. She also diced some red onion. After the egg noodles were drained, she mixed them with the green olives and red onion. Sun dried tomato, red wine vinegar, Italian seasoning, and mustard were also added. To plate the pasta salad we added some basil leaves.

Check out Victoria here:

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