July 22, 2018

My mom’s friend visited me at the Ronald McDonald house today. She’s a principal at a preschool. We walked across the street to a cafe at the Stanford mall. I got to eat my salad filling my daily requirement.

Here’s my daily checklist:

  • Exercise at least 10 minutes walking on the treadmill
  • Ride at least 1 hour on the gym bike
  • Walk 10,000 steps (tracked by my Fitbit)
  • Eat a salad or another vegetable dish
  • Drink a protein shake

Today is my grandma’s birthday. I’m also leaving the Ronald McDonald house in a couple of days so we’re celebrating today as a going away/birthday party.

Kayano, Koda, his mom, and his grandma came to celebrate. Kayano is my next door neighbor being treated on dialysis, eventually leading up to his kidney transplant. Emma’s (pseudonym) family also came. Emma is my 16 year old friend at the Ronald McDonald House. We brought out a cake and served it to everyone except Kayano, who doesn’t eat.

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