July 11, 2018

Today my Mom and I decided to go swimming at the Palo Alto YMCA. Before transplant, I was too weak to even exercise. I tried to swim, but 10 laps was all I could handle in an hour. However, during transplant education they said I could be able to play sports once I had a new heart. Now that I have my heart transplant, I can finally swim.

We brought Orion (pseudonym), another patient at the Ronald McDonald House with us. They’re from Hawaii, and they’ve been at Stanford multiple times. Orion loves the feel of water because it loosens up his joints. Ever since his brain tumor, he’s gained weight that’s been putting pressure on his joints.

I tried swimming, but I didn’t have as much endurance as I hoped. Nonetheless, I feel that I can improve on my swimming. Also I’m only 2 months out of transplant, so I should still be in recovery.

I had a great time swimming with Orion today. The YMCA is much better than the Stanford University pool, which I used before. Since The YMCA is also an inside pool, I don’t need to worry about the sun and skin cancer.

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