May 18, 2018

So the school year is ending on June 1, exactly 2 weeks from today. I still have some homework to work on.

My teachers at school have been super nice. My school counselor contacted all my teachers, and they excused me from my semester finals. All my homework and classwork have been excused too.

I’m working on homework because I need extra credit. Remember when my English teacher visited me at the hospital (see May 6, 2018)? I did horribly in her class. I have a D in her class. Long story short, I had to switch to another English class. Now I’m doing homework for that English class.

I sat down at the Ronald McDonald House’s community dining area with a cup of tea and started to mark and annotate Romeo & Juliet. It was surprisingly hard. My hands keep shaking  that it takes me twice the effort to simply write. My hands keep shaking because I’m on a medication called Prednisone. I think Prednisone is a steroid.

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