December 6, 2018

I’ve been sneezing and blowing my nose all day.

I’m scared that I’m sick. I don’t want to be sick.

I don’t want my heart to be rejected by my body. Or my heart to have an infection.

Okay, so if I’m sick, is it really that bad? There’s a very little chance of that happening.

There’s still a chance though.

Idk maybe I’m just too worried.

I do everything to protect myself from being sick. In school when someone even coughs I instantly switch seats to the back of the classroom. I never participate in activities outside because I don’t want to get cold or muddy.

Oh wait… yes I do! Yes I do!

Everyday I swim at night.

Everyday I swim at night!

The one thing that’s supposed to be shielding my heart from infections, is giving my heart infections?

It’s also December. Ever since late November it’s been more and more cold.

Well, I have a doctors appointment tomorrow at Stanford.

Should I tell them about this? Is it even important?

They have dying children to take care of. Should I tell them I think I might be sick?

December 10, 2018

Today I had an orthodontist appointment. I didn’t need to take antibiotics for the orthodontist like before since I’m already 6 months post transplant.

I also had a swimming lesson. Reflecting back to before transplant, I’m so glad to be able to actually exercise. Doing sports is awesome, even if I’m really bad at it.

December 16, 2018

When I went to go swimming today, I saw my classmate in the locker room.

He’s better than me in every way: better grades, better friends, and better looks.

He was also changing into a swimsuit.

I didn’t want to swim with him in the pool.

Guess what I did.

I left.

I left the locker room and didn’t go swimming.

I don’t want to show off how terrible I am compared to him.

What the point of this journal entry?


I guess I don’t have a point.

January 14, 2019

I had a swim lesson today.

My swim coach told me that my swimming has improved a lot.

I used to go in to the water and sink like a stone, but now I can float above water. My strokes and kicking have also improved to be more efficient.

I’m also swimming a longer distance. I’m swimming about 1,000 yards everyday.

I am so glad that I’m able to do this after transplant. It’s amazing what a new heart can do.

January 30, 2019

Today I had another swim lesson. You probably (or probably not, most likely not) noticed that today is Wednesday, different from the weekly Monday lessons.

My swim coach was sick Monday, so we had to reschedule to Wednesday.

I was pretty shocked too. I was on the couch, relaxing and stuff when my Mom called me and said, “Get ready.”