September 28, 2018

Today was my doctor appointment. At 7 AM I woke up and got into the car. I slept on the whole ride to Stanford, except waking up to take my … Continue reading September 28, 2018 Read More

September 27, 2018

Today was my appointment with the endocrinologist. I started seeing my endocrinologist when I was really young, after my first heart surgery at Stanford. Because of my heart failure, I … Continue reading September 27, 2018 Read More

September 26, 2018

Amy (see August 24, 2018) was my substitute teacher for English today. When I walked into my classroom, I was really shocked to see her sitting at the teacher’s desk. … Continue reading September 26, 2018 Read More

September 22, 2018

Victoria came, and we made spaghetti squash with brussel sprouts and Singaporean noodles today. In case you don’t know, Victoria is a chef that’s granting wish. Together, we’re going to … Continue reading September 22, 2018 Read More

September 21, 2018

I had a swim lesson today. My coach knows about my heart transplant, my scar, and the fact that I’m immune compromised. She tells me if I need a break, … Continue reading September 21, 2018 Read More

September 20, 2018

Nicole died today. Nicole is a 10 year old girl battling heart failure and she’s been in the hospital since May. She was born with a non functioning right artery. … Continue reading September 20, 2018 Read More

September 18, 2018

Today was a Pink Dot Club meeting. Pink Dot Club is a club on my school that raises awareness for transplant. I met them at the transplant reunion party (see … Continue reading September 18, 2018 Read More

September 11, 2018

Today is my doctors appointment. In the waiting area we saw someone from the Ronald McDonald House. She’s a toddler that had her heart transplant shortly after me. We met … Continue reading September 11, 2018 Read More

September 8, 2018

Another cooking day with Victoria! Victoria is the chef that’s granting my wish from Make-A-Wish. Today we made green onion pancake, steamed broccoli, and a pasta salad. The green onion … Continue reading September 8, 2018 Read More

May 3, 2018

Yesterday I didn’t poop. They even had some guy massage my butt. Today they placed me on diuretics. I pooped. My Dad also visited me today, so my Mom went … Continue reading May 3, 2018 Read More

September 6, 2018

Noah came to Stanford this weekend. Noah is a 10 year old boy I met at the Ronald McDonald house that was receiving an experimental drug for his stomach cancer. … Continue reading September 6, 2018 Read More

September 4, 2018

Today was the Pink Dot Club’s first meeting. The classroom was packed; there were probably about 40-50 people there. Maddy, the club president, introduced the club’s motto: to raise awareness … Continue reading September 4, 2018 Read More